October 2012 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators took part in a five station net to prove communications between isolated regions

On Saturday October 6th, 18 WICEN Members operated the base station as well as the four remote stations in a hook-up to prove communications between SES HQ in Bundaberg and Community Halls around the region.

We're planning to repeat the exercise at further community centres around the Bundaberg Region.

Teams were at Boolboonda Hall, Goodnight Scrub Hall, Gin Gin Showgrounds and at Pacific Haven. The Base station controlling the net was the Club's shack at SES HQ in Bundaberg

This is the Booboonda Team

Boolboonda Memorial Hall on the Mount Perry Road was Team 3's home for the afternoon. The team was VK4ION, VK4FHAM & Linda Sullivan. Photos show VK4ION explaining the wonders of the Portable Station to the Hall Manager and he watches on as the "Boolboonda Gals" begin to assemble the ENVIS Dipole antenna.

The Goodnight Scrub Hall


The Operators Ron VK4BRG and Jim VK4UO

Bill VK4XZ was the third member of the team and took the photos



Operators at Gin Gin were Darrall VK4FABF and Ross VK4JRO, Bob VK4UD compiled reports and took the photos

Note the compass on post in foreground for HF antenna orientation, this team was spot on!

The Pacific Haven team were Hervey Bay Club members

Comprising Wade VK4WM as team leader, Dave VK4FDHS, Norm VK4NP and Terry VK4HQ they travelled to Dave's bush residence and set up using his OCF Dipole.

There are no photos of how tough this troupe did it... but we hear the cappuccino machine was working overtime.

This is the Dipole the team used and they lowered it to 1.8m so it would be comparable with the ENVIS Dipoles that the other 3 remote teams were using.